Always Time for a Glass of Wine with Friends…..

We recently had a beautiful afternoon in which we met some of our friends at one of New Jersey’s winery. I am sure that many of you have visited a winery or two but there is something really special about Laurita Winery…..

It is located in New Egypt and it is not near any major highway but getting to it makes you forget that you are in New Jersey. Whether you are driving by car or decide to ride your motorcycle—- it is peaceful and relaxing.

Once you arrive to Laurita you will realize that it is surrounded by a natural landscape and it makes for a beautiful first time date, family celebration or wedding reception.

They offer many events through out the year from regular wine tastings, to Food Truck Events, Comedy Night, Girls Night Out, Wine and Bundt Cakes, Run the Vineyards, Wooden Pumpkin Painting and many more. It is reasonable priced and the wine offers a variety for many palettes. One of their loved one is called The Chocolate Therapy. The Chocolate Therapy is silky, delicate milk chocolate flavor with hints of vanilla and Carmel blended with luscious grape. Pairs heavenly with truffles, cakes, cookies and ice cream.

Besides the beautiful landscape the outdoors hosts pits for warm fires, live music, large concrete tables, corn hole and many opportunities to reconnect with your friends and family.

What we enjoy about this winery is the variety of on-going events and the easy accessibility for everyone to meet us there whether they are in South Jersey near the shore or if they are in North or Central Jersey.

Laurita and it’s events won’t disappoint.

With love, faith and hope!



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