La Isla del Encanto…Puerto Rico!

My first experience with Puerto Rico was when I was about 11 years old then I returned when I was in my 20’s but both times never really soaking up all that this island has to offer.  This time in my more seasoned age — I have really had the opportunity to experience what this beautiful Caribbean island has to offer.

Yes, the beaches, the sun and the warm tropical weather is outstanding however, that’s not all!Three things that stood out to me during this trip….the people,  the artistic flavor and the relaxed atmosphere.

I have been very fortunate to travel through out many different places but I found that the people in Puerto Rico are by far the kindest and warmest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. They are courteous and respectful.  Their calm and relaxed demeanor is a refreshing experience.  They are very friendly and it almost a bit shocking for me to see people greet you as you walk down the street or in the elevator.  

They are genuinely kind with strangers as well with each other.  It’s evident even in their driving—having taken Uber around we noticed that even when the traffic was thick or drivers were being cut-off —no one shout out curses or gave any hand gestures.  They seemed to take it all in stride—being patient and then moving right along as if nothing happened.

The people’s appreciation for each other is not the only thing you will notice…..they have a love for art.  Art is expressed in their music, sculptures and murals through out the island.  Although for many graffiti would not be considered art—they have embraced it and it is evident on many of the buildings we saw as we toured the island.

Music is such a part of the Puerto Rican Culture that whether you are on the street waiting to cross or visiting a local bar —-Music is always being played.  Many musicians are beating the Bongos, shaking the Maracas or playing the Guiro which is a percussion instrument of an open-ended hollowed-gourd cut on one side. The sound that this instrument makes is as unique as the people of Puerto Rico.

The music is in the people’s blood — from the very young children who you will notice moving their shoulders and feet to the rhythm of the music to the very seasoned elders who will get up from the rocking chair to dance and live life through their music.

Whether it is the balmy air, the warm and shining sun or the festive environment —–the Puerto Rican people are very relaxed and thus making the island and very relaxing atmosphere.  This is a place where time is not the focus but rather “Vivir La Vida” as Marc Anthony has so eloquently put it.

You forget the cares of the world and simply be—-you become present and nothing else matters.  This is an island in which life is meant to be enjoyed in its most simplest manner.  No need for the expensive materials or gourmet meals.  It is about enjoying your family, friends and all the things that this island has to offer.

We learned to appreciate the love they put into each meal they make….ordering our meals did not mean we would come out at the same time.  Whether it was my meal or David’s —-one of us would be waiting a little longer for our meal to come out.  Not a bad thing but just different from back home—which means patience and appreciation for the love and care they put into each meal they prepare.  Once you bite into that meal –you will soon realize why it takes longer than home.

Overall this experience has been one amazing time!  We learned so much from visiting Puerto Rico and look forward to returning with friends and family again so they may experience heaven on earth 🙂

With love, faith, and hope.

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