Miami…..The Fountain of Youth!

February, 2020

Miami is full of laughter, love, color and undeniably a large group of Latin American people.  Speaking Spanish is more of a requirement than an option………..everywhere you turn there are different Latin American restaurants with their own twist to traditional foods.

You can hear the music and feel the vibe in the people.  The color is not only in the clothing the people wear or their homes but in their soul.  The people are lively, festive and appreciative of life.  They work hard and enjoy life.

I have noticed that roosters and chickens in the streets of Miami are common—-schools located in strip malls are not unusual and their highways and streets are constantly expanding.  Miami-Dade County houses the many communities…………you don’t realize how big Miami-Dade County is until you actually begin to travel with in it.

The city like any other city is burdened with traffic and congestion so you have to leave plenty of time open for traveling from one place to the other —–but since the area embodies Latin America you may be ok because anyone who has ever been invited to a Latin American event —you know that it never starts on time………everyone usually arrives about 1/2 hour to an hour later than the invitation said.

I love the experience and enjoy my time in this amazing county and city.  I have noticed how much it grew from 23 years ago and how its growing even more.  This is a city that if you have not experienced ….you should add it to your travel list.  Once you come, visit and meet the people and feel the vibe —you will never be the same.

With ‘Sabor’ love, faith and hope!



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