Over 900 Miles on a Motorcycle…..OUCH!!!! Thank GOD for ICY HOT

September, 2020

After spending a night in Virginia Beach ………I manned up and got back on the bike to head to South Carolina.  We ended up losing some time due to a wrong turn after lunch.  So what would have been a 5 hour trip turned into more like 7.5 hours and my toosh was on fire!!!!

Sitting on that bike in the back is not an easy task —–you have to hold on without pulling on the driver, you can’t fidget too much and you have to hold yourself every time a bump comes up.  But that is just when your riding on back roads—-it changes when you end up on an interstate highway……….then it gets real!!!  The wind from the 18 wheelers is no joke and the mountains and curves add its challenges but nothing like metal debris from cars…….talk about scary.  

I have managed to keep my cool and stay calm as much as I can—I think I have only pulled on Dave’s belt rings twice but it was pretty scary being between two 18 wheelers….my toosh continues to get tougher but the pain is still there only now instead of it feeling like I am sitting on porcupine needles it feels more like smooth stones and GOD almighty everytime we hit a bump I want to pull on David’s shirt.  Obviously, that would not go over too well.  

I have learned to jump up with the bumps and hold it until we are over the bump this has helped somewhat —my legs are getting stronger 🙂

I also learned that using ICY HOT Roll on on my toosh and lower back alleviates some of the pain.

As if traveling on a motorcycle not enough of an adventure—-we went up to SkyBridge……….WOW!!! If you want to do a pilgrimage and feel like you are touching GOD then this is the place to do it!  Just be ready to sit on ski lift that will take you up to the mountain then once there you will need to go up higher by walking up stairs ———–be sure to stop and take a deep breath and enjoy the view once you are up there.  

You will need that breath as you begin to walk on that bridge which by the way is suspended being rocked as people are walking on it and once you get to the middle of it —the wood flooring turns into clear glass so you can see how high you truly are.  But remember to look up towards the mountain and you will see GOD smiling and you will feel like you and him have just high fived each other.  I was scared, I was sweating, my heart was beating and my eyes tearing and I kept thinking about my grandmother.  Afterwards David and I enjoyed an adult beverage before taking the ski lift back down.  

Our journey has taken us to North Carolina, North Myrtle Beach, SC,  Rock Hill, SC, back to North Carolina by Blue Ridge Mountain and now into Gatlinburg, TN.  The people are extremely nice and everyone is happy and very optimistic.  It has been a breath of fresh air—-Stay tuned —-not sure where we are off to tomorrow.  

With love, faith, and hope!


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