Drink & Think House….

Its been over a month that I began my journey in taking over the location and begin preparing the shop and filing for licenses/permits. It has been a roller coaster full of excitement meeting with vendors, designing the logo, choosing colors, cleaning the shop, ordering equipment, setting up furniture and decorations. All these things have not necessarily happened in a specific order but rather parallel to each other.

I think about the experience I have in working in education in and out of the classroom and most recently training educators—-without realizing it God was ordering my steps with these jobs. I learned to be organized, efficient with my time and patient with challenges and people. I learned the value of serving and balancing the work with enjoying the life.

My days begin at 5 am and typically go till about 10pm —but the feeling of joy and excitement is amazing. I continue to work training educators and focused on opening the shop. I know that for some the idea of working two jobs is unimaginable but a long time ago someone told me if you find something you are passionate and you get the blessing to do it —you will never work again. I love education and I love coffee so I have found my passions and everyday I am doing something for either or both —I enjoy every minute.

It does not mean I don’t get tired because I do but I feel like I am preparing for the arrival of another child. This dream of owning my own business has been one that has been in me for about the past 12 years—but as life would be —-I had to learn to be patient and navigate in the life of what was happening at the time. I knew that I would get here with God’s love and my focus of never loosing sight of what he had placed in my heart.

I hope that you will continue to join me as I get closer to opening up my shop. Keep checking in and reading my blog.

With love, faith and hope!


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2 thoughts on “Drink & Think House….”

  1. Wow had no idea you were taking on a new venture. Sounds really good. I wish you much luck in this new endeavor. God Bless you always my friend!!

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  2. Thank you !!!! It means a lot your wishes🥰
    I hope that you will visit with your mom and your aunt —-how cool would it be to recreate that December afternoon when our moms reconnected 💕


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