John H. Osorio Scholarship

In Loving Memory of John

One of my most recent highlights for me has been connecting with a local high school in the community of Ft. Myers to be able to share the scholarship I created a few years ago to honor my cousin John. John was a young man who loved to perform in his high school musicals. He enjoyed the singing and dancing and also played the trumpet in the school band. Clearly he had a love and appreciation for the performing arts.

Like many first generation born in this country —the arts whether performing or fine art it is not encouraged or supported. Immigrant parents typically view these as hobbies and reinforce the need to choose money making careers. John went off to study computers and landed a job right out of college working with IBM. Unfortunately, his time here on earth was short and he passed at the young age of 25.

I have made it my goal to honor his memory and love for the arts. By supporting high school seniors who are graduating and continuing their education in either the performing arts or fine arts with scholarships. This was always my dream to be able to honor his memory in a loving way. I started with one scholarship for $250 and this year I will be awarding 1 scholarship for $1,000 and 2 at $500 each. I am so thankful to God for the ability to do this for students who love and appreciate the arts.

With love, faith and hope


Drink & Think House will be awarding these scholarships on 4/27/22. Stay tuned who the recipients are of these scholarships.

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