Family and Friends…..


Christmas Celebration with Family in Jersey 2019

I been so blessed to have family and friends come out to visit and see the store. All anxiously waiting for the opening. I was extremely happy last Friday 1 minute before the end of business —I filed my final application for inspections. It has been a long journey with loops, drops and unexpected highs and lows. One thing that has made this ride fun has been having my family and friends around to vent, cry and toast. As Bette Midler so graciously said “you are the wind beneath my wings.” They truly are!!!!

Christening Celebration with Family in Jersey 2018

I appreciate each and every one of them. As a little girl, I could understand the value of family so early on and as I grew up and began to branch out —-I valued my family even more. Along the way —I learned that people will enter into my life for many different reasons and part when their time is done but those that continue to be with me are my friends. For that I am as well very grateful. My friends are my second family and I value the joy they bring into my life.

When I am with them no matter how much time has gone by since our last time —we pick up right where we left off. Time feels like it has not passed.

Thanksgiving Celebration in Ft Myers 2020

As I count down to the start of a new adventure ——I am so blessed to share this with my family and friends. I recognize that every time we have gathered— whether for happy reasons or sad ones there has always been something constant ……..our enjoyment of a beverage which typically has been accompanied with something to eat big or small this is where my creation of Drink & Think House was born.

Thanksgiving Celebration with family in Miami 2017

See the beverage and snack is just the start —- the laughter, tears and memories are what makes the experience eternal. I always envisioned capturing that feeling in a place where people could come and feel like they are part of our family and welcomed in our home.

Family Vacation with my sister and her family in the Outer Banks, NC 2021

I believe that is what I have created here at Drink & Think House! A place that feels warm, comfortable, relaxing = the feeling of home. With the many pictures of my family and friends displayed through out you will get a sense of how important family and friends are to me.

Family Fun Day at the Jersey Shore, 2021

You will also see many books scattered througout the store along with fun family/friendly games to capture you for a longer stay in our home 🙂 I know that once you get to visit us —you will feel part of our family.

Keep checking in and finding out when our ‘House Warming’ will be.

With love, faith and hope



Maddy my son’s girlfriend, John (my son), Graciela akaGracie and Josh her fiancé.

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