YOLO …..


As if opening a business in this month of July wasn’t enough excitement for us….we are getting the condo ready. I purchased it last year but had a tenant until recently. In between —cooking for the shop and ordering —I am scheduling appointments with painters, flooring and becoming informed of the HOA requirements.

My days seem to quickly be moving along —-I can’t believe how fast every day goes by. I have recently started spicing up my Pilates class by taking Suspend Pilates…WOW! It’s all I can honestly say. If you thought Pilates was a work out try Suspend…it challenges your body and mind to another level.

Add learning Pickleball to the list. The Condominium community hosts lessons on Monday mornings at 9:30 am and this past Monday I joined the class. Connie was our instructor and she was so patient and inspiring that I am hooked to this new sport. I not only learned how to play but I met new people and got a great workout all in an hour.

The running theme for me in this month is ‘Challenging Myself ‘. Everything I am embracing is challenging me to grow, learn and adjust. All these things are never easy but I have realized that in order to be actively present — I need to be open to these challenges.

Don’t misunderstand me —my body does get achy and I am tired by sunset but what a great feeling it is when I lay down at night knowing that I embraced the day by being actively present.

Seasoned residents are actively present in this state. Florida is truly the “Fountain of Youth’—-there is something mystical about the sun and the warm air accompanied by the soft breeze that invigorates people to be actively present everyday. Any time of day you will see people walking, cycling, swimming, boating or running through out the area. It is very hot in these summer months but you still see people out and about doing what they love.

They are embracing YOLO (you only live once)!

Wishing you all a YOLO month of JULY!

with faith, hope and love



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I am just a girl enjoying life's little hidden gems. I live life open to new experiences and I love sharing it with others.

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