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I had hoped to open before the busy season was over for 2022 but God’s plan was different. I have learned that this time —has been God’s way to allow me to keep learning and understanding what works and what needs to be adjusted.

I updated our menu recently and plan on continuing to adjust it as I learn about our customers’ needs and wants. It’s funny because it’s what I coach teachers to do…to pause and reflect on their teaching practice. Life is asking the same of me —this is no different in the sense that I need to pause and reflect on what is working, how can I make it better and what do I need to learn.

In the same timing –the condo is getting painted and new flooring added to the bedroom. I would have preferred doing all this either before I opened the store or further down after the store was more established. I don’t choose the timing —God has and I have to trust he will deliver everything in the right time.

This upcoming week is filled with so many moments with Trusting God’s Timing. I headed out today, Sunday, to Wyoming to train teachers on how to use the assessment their school district has chosen for this school year. A flight from Ft.Myers to Atlanta —from Atlanta to Salt Lake City to then drive about an hour and half to Evanston, Wyoming. Even as I typed this —I can feel my heart racing at the thought that I have so much to do upon my return to Ft. Myers on Tuesday after catching the red eye on Monday night.

Tuesday will be full of so much —-picking Sonja up, unpacking , washing clothes, running out to pick up things for the store and then heading to the condo to clean it. I also have to squeeze a moment to go out and purchase a bed and a sofa bed because next week my kids arrive. If only the timing would have been differently but God has planned it this way and in keeping with his fun timing —Friday after closing the store I will once again need to travel out to Miami to train on Saturday.

I keep reminding myself when I find myself breathing a little faster — “Paula TRUST IN GOD”S TIMING”. I can’t explain it but when I say those words to myself I can feel a separation of my mind from my body and a soothing feeling comes over my body and I know that it all is working as GOD planned it need to be.

My life has been full of these moments and I have needed to rely on trusting GOD’s timing. I believe that GOD provides the right time, people, places and things in our lives even when we think it’s too chaotic for this to happen. GOD brings it to show us with him all things are possible.

With love, faith and hope!



PS- even writing this blog was GOD’s Timing 🙂

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