With God and Family….

Drink & Think House

I know I should not be surprised but God and my family are a powerful force and this week I was reminded! My aunt Maria and Uncle Hernan both came to help me with the store.

See this week my son John turns 21 years old and I promised him we would celebrate in the Keys. My aunt and uncle both lovingly and so generously agreed to come and help with running the store.

They have been learning so much and doing so much that I can’t even begin to understand how to repay them for all their help and support. I also have learned this week from my aunt Mari how to make ‘pique’ which is a hot savory sauce we put on our ‘Empanadas’ to enhance the flavor of the empanada.

If you have not stopped by this week to say to my aunt Maria and Uncle Hernan—make sure you do and remember to order an ‘Empanada’ with pique and guacamole. You won’t be disappointed. They have been very excited to be there helping with the store and meeting all of the great residents and customers.

With God and my family all things are possible!!!

I am wholeheartedly supported and it is a great feeling to be so blessed.

With love, faith and love!


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