GOD Was Driving Today….

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At 2pm I was dropped off by the UBER driver ready to catch my flight to Dallas from Ft. Myers to then connect to a flight to San Antonio—which was my final destination. See while I have the store —I also work another job training teachers. After getting through TSA I decided to grab a sandwich which normally I never do before flying but today I had a gut feeling to grab something to eat.

I soon realized that my flight to Dallas was delayed by 25 minutes. I ate my sandwich and soon after we were boarding our flight. I was so happy that the seat in the middle was not filled. I felt like I had hit the lottery…lol little did I know how much more special I would feel later on…

After watching a movie and going over my presentation for tomorrow’s training —I realized that the plane was slowing down. The captain came on and shared that it was storming in Dallas and that we would not be able to land but that we would be held in a holding pattern until we could be cleared for landing.

After 40 minutes circling up in the air—the captain shared that they had just told him it would be another hour and a half before he could land the plane. So, he said that we would not be able to stay in the holding pattern because we needed fuel so we were going to be heading to San Antonio for fuel. At that point I could not believe it —it was where I needed to go. I got up and asked the flight attendant if we were going to San Antonio to fuel up would I be permitted to get off since it was my final destination. She said she would ask. I used the restroom after speaking with her and upon returning to my seat —the gentleman sitting in the aisle mentioned that the captain had shared we would refuel but we would not be deplane.

I did not panic instead I closed my eyes and thanked GOD for keeping us safe in the air. We landed in San Antonio and the captain shared that that it was going to be longer wait in San Antonio because something was not working with the refueling of the plane. Shortly after the lead flight attendant came on and told us that all of the connecting flights in Dallas were cancelled due to the storms.

We were then instructed to use the call button if our final destination was San Antonio—-I hit the call button along with 2 other people. The flight attendant came around to check the boarding pass to confirm that San Antonio was the final destination. The other two people were asked to stay seated because their final destination was not San Antonio. As the flight attendant walked up to my row —I could see her look of disbelief that my final destination was San Antonio….she saw my boarding pass and asked “did you check luggage?” I responded “No, I have a carry on in the over head compartment.” She says “ok, you are the only one with the final destination of San Antonio —go ahead and grab your luggage.”

As I looked around people were in disbelief and smiling then they began to applaud because I was the only one who had a final destination to San Antonio and would be getting off. While the rest of them would be waiting on the plane until they could fly back to Dallas but by the time they arrive in Dallas —they would be making arrangements for lodging instead of another flight. All flights were cancelled for tonight because of the storms.

See if we would have arrived in Dallas to wait for the flight to San Antonio like my original flight plans were—our flight to San Antonio would have been cancelled because of the storms. Instead —-God decided to fly the plane to San Antonio to refuel and to deliver me a half hour earlier than my original flight plan was scheduled for….

Thank you GOD for being my “way maker” and delivering me in San Antonio safely and timely.

For anyone that thinks there is no GOD or that he does not grace us with signs of his love —then I pray and hope that you will get to feel his love one day like I just did.

With love, faith and hope!



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One thought on “GOD Was Driving Today….”

  1. Great story Paula and I’m glad you got there on time. But a part of me wonders why God was letting all those other passengers be delayed? Anyway, you look really tall and skinny in the shadow picture 😁.


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