Hard Work = Luck

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As I am off to work on this Labor Day — I can’t help but to remember a statement I read recently…..Gary Player, the nine time Masters Golf Championship winner said “the harder I work, the luckier I get.”  What an incredible statement!

I reflect on my own parents success.  Both came from very humble and poor beginnings.  Their childhood was  plagued with challenges and turmoil….yet, they both reached success.  

People only see the final result of their hard work throughout their  life with the homes, the cars, the vacations and comfortable retirement but what they fail to recognize is that all of it was the result of hard work!

Enjoying Relaxing Summer Days in Cape May

Both only reaching an elementary level of education realized early on they wanted more for my sister and I.  They united to work hard to make that happen.  My father got his GED before my sister was born and my mother agreed to take on the responsibility of the entire household and raising us so my dad could concentrate and focus freely on work.

John’s High School graduation

See my dad worked 6-7 days a week.  Growing up my memories spending  time with my dad are of when we would either vacation or on the off chance he was off because of national legal holiday.  By the way vacation only happened because the factory he worked for would force a close every summer to make adjustments for the new line of vehicles they would be producing in the fall.  My father worked for General Motors in Linden, NJ.  

As you can imagine, he worked long hours at General Motors and as if that was not enough —he also drove a city bus after working many hours at the factory.  My parents knew that one income in the 70s was not enough for them to reach their goal of raising my sister and I with all the potential they never had.  They wanted us to get an education and to attend college! They wanted a better life than the one they had as children and young adults.

My mother sacrificed having a spouse and time as a couple to take care of us, the house, grocery shop, clean, pay bills, school meetings, run my sister and I to all of our extra curricular activities, and take care of anything and everything that needed to be done because my dad was never home or free to do any of it.

I never heard them complain of the hard work they were doing.  They continued to work hard every day….their success or as some might say their luck has been more they could have ever imagined.  They have owned 3 homes, many new cars, countless vacations, catholic education for my sister and I —-eventually experiencing the ultimate culmination of seeing us graduate from college.  

Their dream of seeing us reach all the potential they never had— has been a tremendous success for my parents.  All of it came from their hard work which led them to be luckier than they imagined.

My Grad School Graduation

This value of hard work was instilled in my sister and I at a very young age.  She and I have instilled that value in our children.  But we along with our mother —recognize that with GOD first all things are possible!  With God’s love and awareness of working hard we have been very lucky.

Wishing you all a blessed Labor Day and remember that everyone one of us can be lucky……..with hard work!

With love, faith, and hope!



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2 thoughts on “Hard Work = Luck

  1. Paula, what great role models you had, and now you are that hard working role model for your own kids. I’ve met your son John and it is obvious you have rubbed off on him. At 21, he has a great work ethic, is disciplined and goal oriented. You should be very proud!
    PS -You look just like your mom!


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