It’s Not A Setback!


I was recently reminded listening to Joel Osteen’s podcast. He is the Pastor of the Lakewood Church in Texas “Set-backs are set-ups for a comeback”. These words could not have arrived in a better time than now.

As difficult as these couple of weeks have been I realized that in these moments we grow and nothing was a surprise to GOD. I know in my heart that all of this is preparing me inside in a very special way. It has made reflect on how blessed I am. The outpouring of love and support from customers, friends and family has been so amazing.

I recognized that I am too blessed to be stressed and that I know GOD is guiding me through all of it.

In my heart I am open and excited for what he has prepared for me. Whether I get to return to the same location or if he places me in a different place. The one thing is that the dream he placed in my heart 12 years ago is still very much alive. If he has not given up on me —-I will not give up on my dream.

My hope for us all is to always remember that we will always face moments in which the doors close, a person may not be for us, or challenges and difficulties are before us but GOD never abandons us. My faith and love for GOD keeps me grounded and my hope for his continued guidance helps me feel safe.

I believe we will all be together enjoying each other and creating new memories.

With Fatih, love, and hope!



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A GIRL's Hidden Gems

I am just a girl enjoying life's little hidden gems. I live life open to new experiences and I love sharing it with others.

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