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I have learned in the last year more than ever the importance of being ‘purposefully active”. In the late nineties we saw an explosion of communities being developed that focused on setting up seasoned adults who were finding themselves as empty nesters with homes that fit more their new life.

The concept of keeping seasoned adults active was taking off and it was exciting to know that after retirement you still would be moving around and enjoying activities or hobbies that you had not otherwise had a chance to nurture because you worked. The conflict that I have noticed over the years even with my own parents who moved into one of these communities has been that being active without a purpose fizzes out and ultimately leaves the person feeling disconnected from the society.

See we are by our nature designed to work and add to our society our community …In other words when we are working we feel like we are actively adding to the future and we are connected to others. When a person retires even though they are staying active by playing tennis, golf, cards and other numerous hobbies or activities the social well being of a person does not rise to the same level —-at some point that activity just becomes more of routine and leads to somewhat disconnecting from society even though they do this activity everyday.

By nature we humans need to feel needed, wanted and productive. It is in our makeup and although our physical bodies may not be able to handle heavy lifting or strenuous long days at the office —-we need to recognize the difference from being just active to being purposefully active. I have watched over the years as my own parents have become disconnected and feeling as if they have nothing to contribute to this world.

During five weeks —-they had an opportunity to share in daily responsibilities of the store —I saw a sparkle in their eyes, I could sense their excitement to get down to the store, and above all I could see them connecting with the world again in more than just routine but rather in a way in which they were contributing to society. We have been conditioned to think that retiring is the desired outcome but what that really leads us towards is a discontent and disease with life.

While my parents had a place to go to everyday to contribute by arranging the magazines on the coffee table, sweeping the floors or making the empanadas —-you could see them feeling productive and actually starting to participate in life again. Wanting to learn and looking forward to seeing people. When we had to close our store due to a rule in the HOA of selling of alcohol —I noticed a decline in their self-esteem. They no longer felt a purpose and although they were staying active by walking around and going out with me —it was not the same. The store gave them a purpose to get up and go out to contribute something again.

I realized then that seasoned adults can stay in motion by playing tennis, cards and any type of numerous activities but they are just that….. activities. The missing link is the “purpose”. We need to feel that when we are actively in motion there is a more profound and rewarding feeling than just doing it …to do it and stay active. When we incorporate activity with a purpose —we become “PURPOSEFULLY ACTIVE” ! The key is to find some activity that serves the community in a way that gives back instead of just being active for the sake of staying active.

Seasoned adults have so much to still offer to our communities and society—the wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding is priceless. I recently wanted to learn how to Knit or Crochet so that I could make scarves to send to an organization or church in northern states were the winters are brutal. It is my way of giving back to society.

I enlisted the help of women in my building to teach me how to acquire this skill. These women are amazing —the skill level of these women is priceless and I was in awe at how beautiful their creations are. We started the ‘Knitting Angels’ and one of our members offered an amazing project to work towards —-Linus Blankets. This a non-profit organization, that provides new handmade blankets to children in need. 

The Knitting Angels embodies the very idea of what I have been speaking about—these are retired women staying active but more importantly they are “PURPOSEFULLY ACTIVE” they are not only teaching me and others but also creating blankets for the community and others are creating scarfs to send to veterans in need in cold areas of the country.

I hope to somehow create opportunities in my store in which seasoned adults can come and contribute their knowledge, expertise and experience with me and others in a way that we can contribute to our community and society. To me it’s like leaving an even stronger impression on this earth with a legacy that will speak on its own.

With love, faith and hope



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