A Healthy Soul…


It’s been almost 3 months since we closed the store ……..can’t believe how fast time has gone by….. These months have been so vital for us to remember and stay focused on how important it is in having a healthy soul. Worry, fear and stress can destroy a healthy soul.

The stress level that we have been undergoing is not for the faint of heart.

We feel the biggest impact or influence that has helped us to keep a healthy soul has been God and our new family here in South West Florida. The people we met because of our store have truly become more than just friends—-they are family. Their desire for us to reopen has kept us focused and energized through these weeks.

As much as we would love for things to move quickly —-sometimes it’s God’s way of ensuring we are growing in the process. There are days that we feel like we are closer and then there are days we feel like there is no end. I just keep telling us that it’s in God’s hands and to trust in this journey.

We wish we had more to share with you all and for us the positive continues to be our focus—-we have the faith and hope to be reunited in our store with you all !

Keep checking in and please stay in touch by sending us suggestions of food or drinks that you would like for us to consider adding in our store.

With faith, love, and hope.



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A GIRL's Hidden Gems

I am just a girl enjoying life's little hidden gems. I live life open to new experiences and I love sharing it with others.

One thought on “A Healthy Soul…”

  1. Paula, thanks for the update! We are all patiently awaiting the return of Drink and Think. It brings a smile to see all the photos of good friends and good times.


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