My Dream…..

Since I was a child I enjoyed coffee on the weekends! See in our home having a cup of coffee on Saturday and Sunday was my mom’s way for treating us. Her Colombian traditions have always been part of our lives and coffee was no different regardless of how young we were …LOL 🙂

I can recall waking up to my mom brewing the coffee that our relatives had brought back from Colombia. I can hear her yelling “get up and brush your teeth and come and have breakfast.” It feels like it was just yesterday—running to the bathroom brushing my teeth and thinking ugh…now everything is going to taste horrible….but once I sat down and grabbed that cup of warm coffee with milk and sugar– my taste buds entered a room of delight. The smooth taste of the coffee complemented with the warm milk and the sweetness of the sugar —it was a party to my tastebuds.

Little did I realize that would begin my love affair with coffee and would define us as a family. See no matter where we went, what day it was or what time it was —I can remember someone saying “Quieren un cafecito?”…”Would you like a little coffee?” It was our go to and of course family and friends all had their Colombian bag of coffee that was brought in by visiting relatives or friends as a gift from back home. In the event we ran out —our go to was Cafe Bustlo and I can remember playing with the tin cans after the coffee had been used.

So, it is no surprise to me that I love, enjoy and at times live for that cup of coffee. Some would say its my addiction —-I see it as my love affair and it is who I am —who my family is and how it has brought us all together in moments of joy or moments of sadness. Coffee has been part of our lives and continues to play such and valuable part that I have decided to finally follow my love….this coming March with the grace of God — I will be opening up my coffee/dessert shop.

Drink & Think House, LLC has been a dream for several years and this coming March I look forward to making it a reality and sharing it with all of you. It will be place that embodies love and a feeling of being at home with the ease of enjoying great quality coffee or drink of your choice complimented with tasty snack. My goal is to also provide great tasting wines that will pair nicely with these snacks.

With its comfortable furniture and home style accessories my goal is to provide a space where people can come and feel so at ease that whether they choose to play a game of cards with a friend or become involved in a crossword puzzle or simply listens to music they are able to do so.

The shop will also host local finds such as art work, crafts, jewelry and of course coffee—– all for retail. If you are vendor, an artist, crafter, performing artist please feel free to reach out and let me know of your interest to either sell your product or perform in our place. You can email me at or at

Keep an eye out for our official opening date!

As always…with love, faith and hope!



Founder and Owner of Drink & Think House, LLC.