Always Time for a Glass of Wine with Friends…..

We recently had a beautiful afternoon in which we met some of our friends at one of New Jersey’s winery. I am sure that many of you have visited a winery or two but there is something really special about Laurita Winery…..

It is located in New Egypt and it is not near any major highway but getting to it makes you forget that you are in New Jersey. Whether you are driving by car or decide to ride your motorcycle—- it is peaceful and relaxing.

Once you arrive to Laurita you will realize that it is surrounded by a natural landscape and it makes for a beautiful first time date, family celebration or wedding reception.

They offer many events through out the year from regular wine tastings, to Food Truck Events, Comedy Night, Girls Night Out, Wine and Bundt Cakes, Run the Vineyards, Wooden Pumpkin Painting and many more. It is reasonable priced and the wine offers a variety for many palettes. One of their loved one is called The Chocolate Therapy. The Chocolate Therapy is silky, delicate milk chocolate flavor with hints of vanilla and Carmel blended with luscious grape. Pairs heavenly with truffles, cakes, cookies and ice cream.

Besides the beautiful landscape the outdoors hosts pits for warm fires, live music, large concrete tables, corn hole and many opportunities to reconnect with your friends and family.

What we enjoy about this winery is the variety of on-going events and the easy accessibility for everyone to meet us there whether they are in South Jersey near the shore or if they are in North or Central Jersey.

Laurita and it’s events won’t disappoint.

With love, faith and hope!



Island Time = Family Time

If you have never had the chance to visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina then you have been missing an amazing opportunity to reconnect with family, life and with yourself. Besides the beautiful beaches and the balmy warm air —the laid back living and its rich local flavor is so invigorating to the soul.

I fell in love with the Outer Banks almost thirteen years ago when we took a detour after having spent some time in Raleigh and heading back back to New Jersey. Something compelled me to suggest to my then husband we take a detour and visit the Outer Banks. Not knowing why —I soon understood it when we drove across the bridge.

I felt a sense of returning home —a calmness—-an inner peace. This was my first time as well as for my family but some how I guess that summer GOD was driving the wheel. He knew that it would become my go to when I need to reconnect or in need of family time.

Since that summer I have traveled with my children, my sister and her children, with friends and with now my amazing partner and friend David. The Outer Banks has become a place that feels like home —its a place in which my children have fond family memories of our summers —its also become a place that my nephews and their parents have created their own loving memories. I know it will continue to be a place for us to reconnect but will be the place where my soul will be released.

There is as much to do as you and your family will want to do or as little as you want to do…..there are tours and museums to learn about the local history or how the Wright Brothers created their first planes in the area. You can sip wine in the many wineries in the area or charter a boat to catch your family’s dinner. Whether you stay on the main land or venture out to either Duck/Corolla area or on the other end Rodanthe/Hatteras you may find yourself falling in love with life and with yourself all over again.

Words can only express a small amount of the appreciation and love I have for the Outer Banks —the real test is for you to make it one of those stops you will visit and feel it for yourself.

With love, faith and hope!



Special Thank you to the following businesses that made our time even more special:)

Nor’Banks Sailing & Watersports

Barefoot Bernie’s

The Black Pelican Restaurant

Hurricane Moe’s

Beechwoods Resort

Bernie’s Brother

Historic Smithville

If you love visiting the Jersey Shore or simply rolling the dice in one of Atlantic City’s Casinos then make sure that you stop to visit a cute little town named Historic Smithville.

From the moment you begin to drive though you will feel like you are entering a Hallmark Movie or one of Norman Rockwell paintings. The town is manicured but not like Celebration in Orlando where its too perfect. But rather it is well maintained and kept up by the Community Association that works to ensure that the Township of Galloway does their part in meeting the residents expectations and needs.

It is located off of Route 9 where you will see signs on either end letting you know that you are welcomed into Smithville. There are over 60 little shops and restaurants within the Smithville Shops.

This little quaint town offers walking trails among tall seasoned trees which serve as the homes for many species of birds local to the area. It also offers two large olympic size community pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and a gym.

You will find yourself walking around and wondering maybe this is where I might bring my friends for an afternoon lunch at Fred & Ethels Restaurant or plan my daughter’s wedding at the Smithville Inn or live here one day….it truly is a sweet place offering something for everyone.

Summer Weekly Farmers Market
Fairest of Them Clothing Store
Walking trails
Community Pool
Smithville Inn
Working Train for Kids and Families at the Smithville Village

With love, faith and hope!




I love traveling and finding unique local gems. I enjoy being able to share those gems with others in hopes to support local business and connecting us all. Life is meant to be lived with love and joy and what a better way than to connect and share those hidden gems that every town in America has….whether it’s a service, a person, a place or things being created….I will bring them to you.

I hope to not only share my finds but for others to share their finds as well. The experiences we have create the memories we cherish and so my dharma is to share them with you in hopes that it inspires you to visit mine or to seek your own.

Join me and we can experience life as it was intended!

With love, faith and hope!