Repurposing the Past

A Hidden Gem in Pitman, NJ

One of my joys as mom to adult children is to meet up with them for a meal. With John attending Rowan University —it was his suggestion to meet up at local favorite in the town of Pitman. The Merryman’s Pub is located in the downtown area and what we found was so inviting! The love and dedication that was put into repurposing the once National Bank that serviced the locals more than a 100 years ago is evident once you drive up to it!

This building features a historical architecture on the outside complemented with a warm trendy inside. As if the building wasn’t enough this place boasts a variety of foods for the foodie in everyone one of us. Whether you are choosing from their signature sandwiches Pickle Fried Chicken the Cubano Americano or maybe you are more interested in the Guinness & Short Rib Pot Pie. They host a speciality of different types of fries with even a basket of GLUTEN FREE Fries….

Outside of the food they have a full bar with many different types of cocktails, beer and wine. To end your meal make sure you try one of their desserts. What makes this place such a pleasant and unforgettable experience is that the two owners made it their joy to bring this beautiful building back to life for the community. One of the owner’s Vito is also the owner of two other restaurants just steps away from this one. Their vision and commitment to the community made it even more special for us to visit and dine there. We enjoy supporting local businesses and we hope that you will take time to stop and check this place out for yourself if you are visiting in NJ.

With Merry love, faith and hope!