Texas….Afternoon Cattle Drive

We recently visited Texas even before we landed in Dallas —–David and I knew there were some things we wanted to see and experience besides just the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving Day. After getting our rental car —we headed to the hotel which was located not too far from the airport.

On our way to the hotel —I could hear David asking Siri about a place that we could visit watching the cattle walk down the street….I giggled as I drove because in my mind I kept thinking David may have dreamt this and now is asking Siri to find it. LOL.

We got our room and settled in and decided to go and grab some food —we found a cute steakhouse grill in a store plaza heading towards the AT&T Stadium. It was a great afternoon meal accompanied with some driving around Arlington near the stadium trying to figure what was near and around.

We asked a few different people about cattle walking in the streets and no one seemed to know what David was speaking about. That night he continued to search in hopes of locating what he was confident was in Texas. Before he laid down to rest —he muttered “I know I have seen something on this —I am not making it up.”

The next day we woke up with no real set plans other than to find the cattle David continued to look and search. I realized that part of our interest in visiting Dallas was not only to be present on Thanksgiving Day for the Cowboys football game but also to visit the stadium. Quickly David called to get tickets to our amazement —everything was sold out and the only two spots open were in an hour and VIP tickets. Without hesitation–David booked it and off we went to the stadium.

The tour of the stadium was amazing! To say that its big is an understatement —you have to experience the size of the building inside and out. You have to learn about the enormous undertaking Jerry Jones went through to accomplish this project. Whether you are a Cowboys fan or not —if you are ever in Dallas or near —this is one of those things that you might want to schedule some time to experience. Trust us you will not be disappointed !

After our tour we found that the cattle drive was located about thirty minutes from where we were so we decided to take a drive out that way. As we drove to Fort Worth, David was excited that we would be experiencing this and that he did not dream it ——that it was an actual thing.

Now, Fort Worth Texas is a big city however when you enter the Stockyards you feel like you have taken a step back in time. It is the old west and you are part of it. Great little shops, restaurants and inn along with free entertainment such as the cattle drive and western shoot out. The cattle drive happens two times in the day at 11am and 4pm. It is a tradition that they continue—they are proud of their strength and drive as Texans.

According to the narrator at the Cattle Drive— after the civil war that area was economically devastated and cattle roamed freely in the south making it almost worthless but in the north cattle had financial worth. So, it was proposed that if the Texans could walk the cattle up to the north they would get $40-$50 per cattle but see the walk would be about 800 miles (nearly the distance between Houston, Texas and Abilene, Kansas). So, Texans were told it can’t be done! Apparently, any time you tell a Texan that something can’t be done…. they will figure out a way. They walked their cattle and needing to rest, eat and drink they stopped in a valley full of green grass and water that being Fort Worth (the Stockyards area). This is how the tradition began —so now they walk the cattle down the center of town as a reminder of the Texan spirit and tenacity they had and continue to demonstrate.

This is definitely a place that we recommend you experience because it is truly beautiful and the spirit can be felt when you are there.

Our first full day in Texas and we were so overjoyed to be experiencing so much! The Texan spirit, the southern charm and the great tasting food. We could not even imagine what more could we experience and see over the next few days.

We decided the next day to drive out to Waco not being too far over an hour and a half depending on the traffic and route you decide to follow —it will bring you to an area that for a long time has had a not so pleasant memory….However, HGTV stars Joanna and Chip Gaines have breathed life back to Waco. The Magnolia Silos Market is tastefully and beautiful located in the downtown area of Waco. You can feel that things are turning upward and I imagine in a few years this part of town will be highly sought out.

You will find a coffee shop, the designing store and several different types of shops and food trucks to experience. They have a little chapel and a small ball field. When you visit the Magnolia you can picture the Gaines family enjoying a day of shopping and family time because children are welcomed and they can play Wiffle ball or a game of corn hole while mom or dad shop.

The next couple of days involved Thanksgiving day tailgating with about 500 strangers and giving thanks right across the stadium with a combination of barbecue and Turkey. The Cowboys vs Raiders game was an amazing tight game that made the day an exceptional day! Cowboys did not win but boy they sure gave it the “Texan Spirit and Tenacity”.

We could not end our trip to a big city like Dallas without being part of the the Van Gogh Immersed Experience. It’s safe to say this was not on David’s list …..LOL!!! It was on mine as was the Magnolia but I can happily say that David enjoyed the Van Gogh Immersed Experience.

Overall this trip to Texas was full of wonder and fun. I think for me the best part was truly getting an opportunity to meet and understand the Texan people and how proud they are of being Americans. Dallas is a melting pot of races, languages and cultures yet they are proud of being Texans, Americans, Football and of worshipping GOD.

If you ever have the time or opportunity to visit this state or the area you will not be disappointed.

As always…with love, faith and hope!