It will be a a year since I signed my lease for the store and as the year comes to an end —I can’t help but to reflect on the many adventures, trials and tribulations I have experienced this year.

Some were daunting and others were exciting but my constant was my love, faith and hope for life that made it all worth while. From cleaning and setting up the store –to learning about ordering and filing for licenses, permits and tax forms all of it has reminded me how important it is to enjoy every day even the ones that don’t work out the way we planned it.

I traveled every weekend from July to now, I delivered over 284 sessions this year to hundreds of teachers across the country as far as Wyoming to as high up to Wisconsin while working countless hours in the store. There were weeks that I put in over 80 hours of work between the two jobs. Added by a sell of a home and moving into my condo and renovating/decorating it, sprinkled with family & friends visits topped with my John’s 21st birthday celebration and the planning of Gracie’s & Josh’s wedding.

Challenged with hurdles of post COVID delays, relationship hiccups, Hurricane Ian and governmental red tape —causing me at times to doubt if I was doing the right thing in following my dream.

I am blessed to have experienced it all the good, the not so good and the in-between! Life is an amazing gift that so often is taken for granted —-this year I have lost many dear friends and acquaintances that I am reminded every day how valuable life truly is and what we choose to do with it.

Thank you God for all of it and I look forward to the coming year as I know you have already ordered my steps!

With faith, love, and hope



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A GIRL's Hidden Gems

I am just a girl enjoying life's little hidden gems. I live life open to new experiences and I love sharing it with others.

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