My Forever Gem….Tuckerton

I love seeking unique, affordable and fun places, people and things to do ………and with Tuckerton in mind the creation of my app was inspired by this truly hidden gem.  I realized that not many people really know much about our area or why it is such a special place to live or visit.

We are ideally located not too far off from Exit 58 and nicely nestled between the Jersey coastline and the robust pine barrens.  Time has gently moved in this area always maintaining the integrity of simple times.  Providing a unique feel of the earlier Jersey shore town where you knew that whether you visited for a few hours or a weekend —-you enjoyed ‘relaxation’ away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

Whether you are an avid angler or hunter enthusiast this area has something for you.  With miles and miles of water to fish, crab or simply enjoy —Tuckerton offers everyone something to do.  With several marinas and a sporting center you have endless possibilities.  Whether you prefer a walk with your dog down the end of South Green street or maybe bike riding with friends to several of the local pubs —-this area entices you to let go and simply enjoy life in the most of simplest ways.  There are no time lines or agendas to meet—the care of the day is to have fun!

And fun is what the local residents provide…..the people in this area are as much of a joy as the area.  Grown with kindness and love for their hometown—-the local people never shy from having fun with friends.  Pride for their hometown and country are at the top of the list and once you experience this sense of love for hometown and country you realize you have stepped into a forgotten time.  A time when life was simple and easier ….a time when your word meant something and when your neighbors looked out for you and your kids.

Tuckerton is the pearl of the Jersey shore —- classic, timeless and basking in natural beauty.  

Although we would love to keep this hidden —the reality is that we can benefit from seasonal tourism.  For the short period of three months —tourism can provide financial gains that can carry our local businesses through the harsh and quieter winter months.  Before we dismiss those folks visiting our area —remember that we are very blessed to live all year round in such a beautiful place and by sharing this gem with others we can continue to help our town and our property values.  More money that rolls into to our town can have a domino effect with people wanting to own a piece of this gem.

So, instead of wishing less traffic or for these visiting folks to leave—- offer them ways to spend more money….. share where they can rent a boat for the day, where they can crab or eat a great meal with cool beverage, invite them to donate to our local charities or summer fundraisers and most important help them feel welcome in our town.

We are an amazing community with an attribute unlike in any other area—–we love to enjoy life, friends, a good time —–so let them experience it!

With love, faith, and hope!

PS – After living and raising my children—I sold my home in Tuckerton Beach this past spring, 2021. It will always be a gem to my children and me.

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A GIRL's Hidden Gems

I am just a girl enjoying life's little hidden gems. I live life open to new experiences and I love sharing it with others.

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