Peace Be Still


Ian is an incredible force of wind and rain wrapped up with lots of unknowns…I have placed all of my trust and faith in GOD. It is in his hands. My place and the Store are located on the Caloosahatchie River.

I feel so blessed and fortunate because Monday and Tuesday I was working in Miami. Not knowing what to expect or any idea of what we would be doing with this storm. As I said goodbye to a wonderful team of educators in Miami —they reminded me to reconsider staying in Miami instead of driving towards the storm.

I thanked them and reminded them that GOD brought me to Miami safely and he would return me to Ft Myers safely. GOD orders our steps and our faith delivers us from any evil. I prayed my Psalm 91and headed home. As I drove I could felt peace and not even when the GPS warned of the storm or when my phone began to alert me that in the area I was in there was a tornado —-I continued to feel the peace.

Upon arriving to Ft Myers —I received word that we were under mandatory evacuation. I realized that it would be now or never in getting a room in a hotel so I began to call around. Everything was booked —as I was trying to get a room —I needed to stop and get gas so that I could return the rental car I had used to travel to Miami. Several fo the gas stations had already closed down and had wrapped the pumps. I came across one and based up —this gave me some time to focus on calling for a room. I located a place that only had one room left but it was for only one night……… Never hesitated with booking it and thanked the young lady. I trusted that somehow GOD would provide us a second night of shelter.

I headed to drop off the car and David picked me up. We headed back to the condo to grab a few things and Sonja. We made a stop at WaWa to get dinner and headed to the hotel. While checking in the woman realized I had been her neighbor at the RV park and she sparked a conversation with me. I asked her if she thought we would be able to get a second night because of the storm and she said they were booked but to ask in the morning.

We woke up to hear the storm was gaining more strength and the category would be changed to a 5 —I asked the front desk if we would be able to stay another night and she said she would write down our room number and interest in staying. She remained me they were fully booked but to call later when staff arrived.

I continued to feel the peace within and trust in GOD—about an hour later the front desk called and asked if we were interested in staying another night. I confirmed it but he told me he would let me know later and reminded me to not worry or stress that even if we did not have a room —we would be able to stay in the hotel for shelter. I hung up and shared that with David.

I continued to finish up some work and answer emails and texts from friends and family. Two hours passed and the phone rang—it was the front desk letting me know that a “little birdie had told him —we wanted to stay another night.” I chuckled and said “yes, the birdie is right.” He said you are checked in for another night just come down and let us reactivate the room keys.

My feeling of peace continued…however I realized that we did not have any food for later. LOL. See when I grabbed a few things in my place I grabbed a couple hard seltzers, a wine bottle and my collagen. I never bothered to get any snacks or food….I remembered that hotels have a little market within and walked down since elevators had been shut down since power keeps going in and out. I was so happy to see they had chips and frozen dinners.

The winds and rain continue to intensify but my feeling of peace is still with me. My store ..the condo all of it is in GOD’s hands. Whether the 12-16 ft water surge happens or not I know that GOD brought me to this point and everything has a purpose. He has gone before me and knows that what is ahead I can handle. My God father Guillermo used to tell me —GOD gives us what he knows we can handle and I finally understand those words.

With peace, faith, love and hope —-wishing all of South West Coast Floridians safety and peace.



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